永和博誠牙醫院長-何家銘醫師,於2019年4月至義大利米蘭,參與2019年-第二屆國際牙醫暨口腔健康大會(2nd International Conference on Dentistry and Oral Health),本次大會主題為「探索牙醫學與口腔健康之未來」,邀請國際間的牙醫研究人員、學者、牙醫師與科學家等共襄盛舉,透過研討會的形式,互相分享最新的牙科研究成果;專攻植牙的何家銘醫師,這次受邀至此與各國牙醫師分享能有效提升前牙美觀區植牙的創新技術—根膜植牙術。



The expert of implantation from Profession Dental Clinic, Eric Ho made an academic speech in Milan, Italy.

The director of profession Dental Clinic, Eric Ho, participated in the 2nd International Conference on Dentistry and Oral Health at Milan, Italy in April 2019. The topic of conference in this time was explore the future of dentistry and oral health. This event invited the authority of dentists, scientist, scholars and dentistry researchers. Through the conference, they can share their latest achievement in dentistry. The expert of implantation, Eric Ho , was invited to share the innovation in implantation of the esthetics zone- Root implant membrane.

The traditional Implantation of esthetics zone, has a great opportunity to cause the absorb of Alveolar bone, lead to the rate of success decrease in Implantation. However, the method of Root Implant Membrane is reserve the rest of the Root and Periodontal ligament while implant. Keep the Periodontal tissue in a healthy environment, prevent from the absorb of Alveolar bones and increase the survival rate in Implantation.

The expert of Implantation from Profession Dental Clinic, Eric Ho, finished his master degree in the university of Frankfurt, Germany. Major in Implantation. Although Dr Ho already finished tens of thousands of surgeries. He still keep the spirit of strict only and professional attitude in treating his patient. Also, in this year, there is a patient which is toothless came from another country appointed Dr Ho to perform the whole mouth implant surgery. However, Dr Ho has never become complacent but still share his experience and learn from others authority in dentistry around the world. Studying in the latest technology of Implantation and bring our patient the greatest treatments.

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